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Journalists, Artistes and Local Leaders Commit to Promote Human Rights

Journalists, Artistes and Local Leaders Commit to Promote Human Rights

Human Rights are Universal

By Culton Scovia Nakamya 

Journalists, Artistes, Lawyers, political and religious leaders have undergone training aimed at amplifying the use of their respective offices and platforms to defend human rights to encourage co-existence and dignity.

Under the theme, Human Rights Are Universal, the two-day training in Kampala organized by East Africa Visual Arts, equipped leaders with skills to promote rights and report violations.

Journalists committed to use their platforms to promote a free and Inclusive society that upholds human rights, empowers communities, fosters accountability & strengthens democracy because they have the power to shape public opinion, promote inclusion and acceptance.

let’s commit to defend human rights and report the truth without fear of intimidation & censorship” said Sheila Awuma, a journalist with News24/7.

It was noted that Journalists are better positioned to highlight experiences and perspectives of marginalized communities, challenge stereotypes, biases and hold power to account.

Religious leaders acknowledged their crucial role in promoting inclusion and acceptance in society through their teachings.

“It is important for stakeholders to role model! You cannot speak about something you practice because no one can take you seriously. Stakeholders need to be the upholders of human rights”. said Rev. Jackson Osire.

Religious leaders, Journalists, Politicians in a human rights training in Kampala / Courtesy Photo.

Lawyers and political leaders were urged to use their influence to advocate for change in areas where discrimination and exclusion are prevalent. This can include advocating for changes in laws, policies, and social norms.

From the training, artistes pledged to use their platforms to amplify underrepresented voices, showcase diverse perspectives, and create inclusive content that resonates with different audiences.

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