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Woman Collapses and Dies as Uganda Battles Banned Chinese Contraceptive Pill

The Chinese Pill


  • In October 2022, The National drug Authority banned the use of the Chinese pill
  • The product continues to be sold on black market.

By Culton Scovia Nakamya

“As I was trying to find out on the cause of her death, I realized she got a blood clot in the lungs which we Highly SUSPECT to have been caused by Chinese pill which she had introduced herself to about 2 months ago”. Said a relative.

Early April, Babra Atwine went to Nagulu police headquarters in Kampala to seek for a service. The CCTV footage released by police shows Babra donned in a black dress and a white coat with a brown hand bag climbing the stairs. At the second floor of the building, Babra becomes weak, fails to proceed. She bends over her back and later collapses from the stairs.

her family carried out investigations to determine the cause of her sudden death.

At the time of her death, Babra had not communicated any illness.  It has since been established that Babra has been taking the Chinese contraception pill which resulted into a blood clot in her lungs.

Little is known about the pill but it is manufactured in china and all the product packaging and information is written in Chinese except the levonorgestrel and quinestrol.

In October 2022, the National Drug Authority banned the use and sale of the drug because of its adverse effects that can result into death.

“the pill was found to contain high doses of the hormones above the recommended dosage and the risks associated with use of this product include among others, prolonged bleeding, irregular menstrual periods, palpitations, possibility of developing blood clots and heart diseases, abnormally thickened endometrium, a predisposing factor for endometrium cancer and infertility” Findings by National drug authority.

National Drug Authority banned the Contraceptive pill in 2022 due to its adverse effects.

The authority further warned that once taken, the hormones in the pill stay in the body for a long time and the adverse effects can further manifest in babies born by mothers who used the pill.

The Chinese contraception pill is imported into the country illegally. The pill is taken once a month and costs between 20,000/= – 30,000/= Uganda shilling.


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